Iniciativas empresariales 2001, “Almeriense” High Productivity

According to the “Financial Analysis of the Andalusian Companies 2015,” Business Initiatives 2001, a company belonging to the Fomento Meridional Group, is listed among the first in the province with high productivity.

Business Initiatives 2001 is a company located in Almería, in the street Marqués de Comillas 13, and is devoted to administrative management services and rental of industrial premises and other rents. They visit the place, they build, repair, maintain … always by the customer´s choice.

Almería highlighted in this report for the “gazelle companies” (Those who have increased sales consecutively to duplicate them over the past three years) among which there are 9 of the 40 regional main companies.

In the section on regional analysis of high-productivity companies, the highest rankings of the most important companies of our province are occupied by Iniciativas Empresariales 2001, Jardín de Medina Hoteles and Enza Zaden Spain Holding.

Highlighting the added value that we have obtained with less staff costs.

It is an honor for Fomento Meridional that one of its companies stands out in this important report.

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