Sierra Alhamilla

Sierra Alhamilla

    PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: This property has 317 hectares divided into wooded areas, as well as areas of steep mountains with nests of eagles at its summit, olive groves, cultivable areas of cereals and fruit trees, watercourse and aquifers in the basement and a natural spring which flows water throughout the year. The rural estate is authorized as a hunting reserve with number 10.006. It is located in the area of the “Sierra Alhamilla” natural park, Municipal term of Taverns.


    HOUSE DESCRIPTION: The main house “Cortijo Oasis” consists of a central hall, 2 living rooms, a kitchen, a main dining room, 5 bedrooms, 2 private dining rooms, 4 of the bedrooms have bathrooms with access to the toilet from outside. The kitchen is fully equipped. All the bedrooms are decorated with rustic furniture, from antique shops and auctions. There is a cave originally intended to enclose livestock, which has been reported from the living room and in which a bodega-pub is located. It has a BBQ and a swimming pool.


    Paraje Cortijo Abajo, Ruescas

      Rustic Villa located on Paraje Cortijo Abajo, Ruescas (Almería), 60.000 m2 on site and an Industrial building 3159m2 in height.