Our Professionals | The Principal Source of Values

The human capital in Fomento Meridional is the principal source of values and knowledge on which our company´s force, success and recognition is founded.

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  • Management

    Manuel Sánchez Cano

    Manuel Sánchez Cano. Law Graduate (mercantile speciality) at the Granada University, dedicated since more than four years to the service of the creation of companies. At the moment he is a consultant in several companies (Colaboradora al Municipio S.L., Fomento Meridional S.L., Alprosan S.L., Iniciativas Empresariales 2001 S.L., Reciclados Almerienses 2005 S.L., etc).


    Luis Sánchez Maldonado

    Law Graduate at the University of San Pablo CEU in Madrid, sharing the Management with Manuel Sánchez Cano. He has an MBA in Business Management, and is an Expert in Town Planning and Construction Development, and in Occupational Safety and Health in Construction.



    Francisco José del Rey Navarro

    Graduate in Economical Sciences and at the University of Seville and Head of Administration, a position that he holds for the last few years thanks to his qualities of efficiency and organization.


    María Victoria Álvarez Rueda

    Qualified in Business Studies at the University of Almería. She is an expert in company management and administration in such diverse sectors as the furniture sector, the construction promotion and advertising communication.


    Isabel Manzano Bruque

    Qualified in Business Studies at the University of Almería, she has an extensive experience in the field of Client Relationship.



    Ana Belén Tapia Rodríguez

    Ana Belén Tapia Rodríguez. Graduate in Economical Sciences and Business Studies at the University of Granada. All her projects are improved by her views aquired during her international professional development (United Kingdom and Sweden).


    Mª Victoria Vicente Rueda

    Qualified in Secretariat International and with an excellent trajectory in Clients Portfolio Management thanks to a large experience in the construction industry.


    Legal Advice

    Belén Sánchez Maldonado

    Law Graduate at the University San Pablo CEU in Madrid. She has a credited trajectory as a barrister.


    Technical Departament

    Luis González Ruiz

    Graduate in Technical Architecture at the University of Granada, and with an extensive experience in the control of business quality and in construction site management.