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Fomento Meridional

A group with extensive business experience in Almeria.

Since 1989, Fomento Meridional has participated in Almeria’s business life in various sectors, such as real estate promotion (Alprosán, Inmobiliaria Marcovi and Iniciativas Empresariales 2001), construction and demolition waste management (Reciclados Almerienses 2005), and the organisation and administration of municipal collection offices (Colaboradora al Municipio).



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Properties for rent

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Own funds

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A business project

With a strong vocation for growth and continuous improvement

Fomento Meridional has been renting properties, industrial premises, premises and offices in the province for more than twenty-five years. In recent times it has been acquiring properties in areas of recent development which are in full growth, thus achieving increased business activity.

A broad group

Get to know all our business areas

At Fomento Meridional we have a broad business group in various sectors in order to provide- more specialised and effective management. Our group includes: Alprosan, Reciclados Almerienses 2005, Inmobiliaria Marcovi, Almería Técnicos Constructores 2007, Colaboradora al Municipio, Iniciativas empresariales 2001 and Inversiones Stonemar.

Property developer

People establish relationships with their home that go beyond the protection of the exterior. Alprosan inspires them.
View Alprosan

Waste management

At Reciclados Almerienses 2005 we manage construction and demolition waste in and around Almería.
View Reciclados Almerienses

Real estate services

Apartments, duplexes, triplexes, business or industrial premises, in Almería or in the outskirts... At Inmobiliaria Marcovi you will find what you are looking for.
View Marcovi

Housing construction company

At Alteco 2007 we advise on the different insurances you may require to feel supported in your daily life.
View Alteco

Management of local taxes

Municipal collection and support to the executive collection for the Town Council of Adra.
View Colaboradora al Municipio

Provision of services and tourism

At Iniciativas Empresariales 2001 we build, restore or preserve your dream... We give it form and you choose it.
View Iniciativas Empresariales


Production, handling and distribution of mangos. A tropical fruit of innumerable benefits under the best climatic conditions from Agulló, Senegal.
View Stonemar

Rental of housing

Rental of housing in Almeria, with strategic locations and very good communications.
View Genus 2010

Mission, vision and values

Our commitment is our customers

The human capital of Fomento Meridional is the main source of values and knowledge on which the strength, success and recognition of our company is based, offering a wide variety of services to the public, without neglecting quality, with the best design and after-sales service.


A business group with experience and passion to provide services and solutions for our customers.


A team with talent and motivation, with the same vision and effort to achieve the same objectives.


Direct, totally professional position in our communication and daily work.

Some of our clients

The guarantee of working with leading companies in their sector

We work with companies of recognized prestige in their field of activity. Their trust is our greatest stimulus to continue offering the best of ourselves.