Social responsibility Corporate


At Fomento Meridional, we believe that we have certain responsibilities to society, which is why we actively contribute to the social and economic improvement of various projects with great goals.

School improvements in Agulló, Senegal

Stonemar Investments adds another great cooperation from Agulló, Senegal. Focusing on early childhood education as the best investment to contribute to the educational development of the villages in the area and trying to twin this social project with Spanish schools.

Helping families affected by genetic diseases

We collaborate with several foundations. One of them helps children with heart problems to improve their quality of life and that of their families.

In addition to this, we also provide help for scientific research and support to families affected by neurodegenerative diseases of genetic origin belonging to the group of rare diseases.

Rehabilitation of historic buildings

We understand rehabilitation as a way of preserving the existing energy, promoting recycling when we rehabilitate historic buildings, even if they are for a different purpose than their origins. In addition, it brings considerable savings in the multiple resources required to start a construction from scratch.

It is a way to promote sustainable growth, awakening the interest and complicity of the community in preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the place, something that, in addition, is usually a tourist attraction of great value worthy of maintaining.

Environmental and social responsibility

It is essential that we manage the waste resulting from our own activity, and those derived from it. Joining forces in the same direction offers us the possibility of having a more aware and cleaner society. In addition, we are dedicated to the management and treatment of vegetable waste from the agricultural sector, a leading sector in our province, our community and our country, so it is even more important its correct transformation.