Areas of activity


    Property Development.

    Nowadays people establish relationships with their homes that go far beyond the mere protection of the exterior. They construct families, enjoy special moments, convert it into their most intimate place, they live their lives and create spaces that are extensions of theirselves. Alprosan inspires them.


    Waste management and environment.

    Our environment is worthwhile being improved and not to be wasted. We must take care of it. Our interventions should be positive and leave no trace. That´s what we take care of in Reciclados Almerienses 2005: we manage waste of construction and demolition in Almería and surroundings, so that our environment shines brighter every day.



     Rent and sale of properties.

    Everything in our surroundings changes and moves continuously. Everything advances. Just like you. From a flat to a house, three-storey apartment, villa… from the outskirts to the center or from the center to the outskirts… small premises, big premises, industrial unit… In every moment you need a different space. In Estate Agency Marcovi we have the moments, we have the spaces.


    Construction company and insurancebroker.

    One of the activities of Group Fomento Meridional is the construction of houses that last a lifespan. In Alteco 2007 our aim is to mediate and counsel in the manyfold insurances that you might need to feel fully supported in your daily life.

    We are authorized agents and we count with the required experience and with the necessary team to help you make your most convenient choice for your needs.

    Besides, Alteco 2007 dedicates itself to buying and selling of rural and urban properties and to the construction of buildings.

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  • Colaboradora-al-Municipio


    Management of municipal taxes.

    Society dedicated to the organization and administration of offices for municipal tax collection. Today it is the awardee of the service of voluntary municipal tax collection and of support work for executive tax collection for the Hon. City Council of Adra.


    Provision of services.

    When someone chooses a place to stay at, to settle down in and to live in, he needs the right way to do so. In Iniciativas Empresariales 2001 we achieve that. We go to the place, we build, we repair and we maintain… We offer the ways and you choose.

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